TECHO is a Latin American organisation which is working to create a fair, equal, integrated and poverty-free society where everyone has the opportunities needed to develop their capacities and fully exercise their rights.

TECHO contributes to the task of eradicating poverty with its development and support community work. The Working Group, acts as a cross-sector space where TECHO and the community work together to coordinate their activities. It is a regular and participatory space between neighbours and volunteers who dialogue, reflect and decide on the community’s interests in order to direct collective initiatives which respond to rights violations in the settlement and strengthen community capacities in residents.

TECHO launched a Working Group participatory evaluation in a community in Puebla, Mexico called San Mateo Mendizábal, where TECHO has been working for four years. The aim of this exercise was to detect areas for improvement in TECHO’s way of working by evaluating the different stages of work in a qualitative and participatory way in communities where they coordinate social action.

Following this exercise, the volunteers reflected on their performance and role in the Working Group. Furthermore, there was evidence of previous stages of work being revisited as a result of this space as certain residents discovered mechanisms for taking a more active part in decision-making in their community.

You can access the evaluation’s final report by clicking here on the image.

For more information, please contact Abril Torres Vargas (, Programme and Project Management, and/or  Andrea Lona Elorza (, Social Research Coordination in Puebla .