Virtual Forum

A virtual forum is a way of communicating which provides its participants with a space for collective learning using their interactions and exchanges around a specific topic.

The virtual forum for the community of practice and learning,  EvalParticipativa aims to uphold and exemplify a culture of participation between participants by developing an extended conversation around these three objectives:

      • Identify and analyse participatory evaluation experiences paying special attention to the key features that facilitate these processes.
      • Systematise the experiences studied, sharing good practice through a manual on participatory evaluation which includes sections on conceptualisation, methodology (processes), tools and facilitation tips.
      • Create an online repository of materials for learning about participatory evaluation: manuals, guides, validated tools and experiences or case studies.

We will attempt to address these proposals through exchanges in the Virtual Forum. The Forum will be moderated by EvalParticipativa coordinators in order to encourage interaction linked to Participatory Evaluation practice in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Virtual Forum will function mainly through an email list , which will enable the distribution of messages between participants. When a message is sent to the list address, it will arrive in the inbox of everyone subscribed. As prompted by the participants’ concerns and proposals, it will also be possible to introduce other interactions such as videoconferences, etc.

To engage on the Virtual Forum, please complet the form: