Let the protagonists speak!

We are happy and grateful to launch a new section in the EvalParticipativa website, our community for practice and learning. It is a series of short video testimonies on evaluation and social participation. Through them, we will share ideas, suggestions, examples and lessons learnt on participatory evaluation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

During this time we have learnt that video testimonies can bring credibility to words by bringing to life the experience, the concept and the recommendation that arise in our practices. On the other hand, and in contrast with written texts, the testimony of a person speaking in a concrete context carries emotions that enrich the content of their message.

Videos can summarise and spread within a short time the main ideas and lessons learnt on participatory evaluation.  By using these videos in meetings and training settings or simply sharing them among our networks and organisations we widen our community and enhance our knowledge.

We believe these videos can be useful tools for many colleagues who may wish to complement evaluation processes with social participation or to train others in these topics. This launch is also our invitation for you to spread and increase your learnings.

To share one of these video testimonies with your colleagues, friends or on your social networks, simply right-click on the video you wish to share and select “Copy video URL” (which is the link to the video on YouTube). You can then paste that link to an email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other social network. If you need any of the videos in a different format to use it in a training setting, you can request it by writing to eval.participativa@gmail.com.

Your experience and point of view count. If you wish to contribute your testimony and ideas in a video like the ones in this section, email us at eval.participativa@gmail.com with your idea and we will get in touch to discuss it. The videos and a short biography are recorded in their original language and are subtitled in English or Spanish as appropriate.

Regards to all and thank you very much for your contributions!

The EvalParticipativa coordination team.

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