Hello colleagues,

After a short break following the intense end of year activity at EvalParticipativa, I’m back to encourage us to keep discussing the same evaluation approach that excites so many of us. Today, I want to reflect not so much on evaluation itself, but rather on those who conduct it. In other words, the evaluators, those who have made evaluation their profession.

Those who attended the gathering in Ecuador will recall that this issue was not really highlighted in any of the cases presented. Rather, it was a new topic which emerged as a key to successfully conducting participatory evaluation: the facilitator. As we began to talk about the professional profile, the importance of training and experience in evaluation came to the fore in order to integrate the necessary rigour in participatory evaluations. But above all, we emphasised attitude and the ability to manage informed and equal participation during the constant decision-making that takes place in evaluation.

So, how is the participatory approach seen in the wider evaluation community? If the focus on participatory evaluation is on other groups, is this approach considered to be professional intrusion? Or rather an opportunity to extend the culture of evaluation and expand the professional evaluator’s tool box?

Greetings to you allwe are keen to hear your opinions!

Juan Carlos Sanz Vaca | Evaluator, Focelac Team DEval (Germany)

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