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Many of our EvalParticipativa members are also members of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematisation (ReLAC). In some cases directly, in others through their national evaluation networks. ReLAC is also one of EvalParticipativa’s strategic partners. Therefore, given the link between ReLAC and EvalParticipativa, in this post we want to share ReLAC’s Executive Committee Management Report for 2017 -2019 (Spanish).

As communicated by ReLAC, it focuses on issues that concern ReLAC’s positioning, governance and strengthening within the framework of the ReLAC 2.0 project. In order to move forward in these areas, the Executive Committee is currently preparing a face-to-face assembly, to be held in April/May 2020, with the purpose of co-building and planning ReLAC activities until 2030.

Here is the Management Report  2017-2019 .  If you have any questions or comments, please communicate them to the Executive Committee by email:

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