gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2022

We invite you to be part of the gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2022.

The gLOCAL Evaluation Week (”gLOCAL”), is an annual dedicated week for Monitoring and Evaluation (“M&E”) knowledge and experience sharing events around the globe, was launched in 2019. In the short time since gLOCAL was launched, organizing partners from around the world have hosted nearly 1000 M&E focused events across five continents in multiple languages. During gLOCAL, government officials, evaluation practitioners, academics and researchers, and students, among many others, have joined this global movement to discuss M&E issues, connecting with one another to share their knowledge and experiences in this field.

During gLOCAL 2020 and 2021, despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, M&E aware institutions and practitioners from all over the world came together virtually and hosted events on traditional M&E topics such as Evaluation Communication and Use, Evaluation Methods, and Evaluation Capacity Development as well as on the years’ special themes, “Evaluation 2030” and “Building Forward Better”, respectively.

The overarching theme for gLOCAL 2022, “EvalEvolve: The evolution of M&E in the 21st century”. gLOCAL 2022 invites the M&E community to join the dialogue on how innovations in data collection, analysis, and use are influencing M&E field. Continued evolution in the M&E practices ensures that it remains a relevant tool that brings value-addition to policymakers and promotes development effectiveness. With “EvalEvolve” as the overarching theme, event organizers can consider a number of different aspects of how the field is changing to meet current realities and future needs.

You can learn more about gLOCAL 2022 in the following video.

The call for proposals is open until 13 April, 2022. Find all the information about this call for proposals on the official gLOCAL Week 2022 website.

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