Dear friends and colleagues, we hope you are all well!

We would like to invite you all to participate in the official launch of our documentary By Reason or By Force and its accompanying round table discussion which will be held on 24 July at 6pm UCT -3 (see the trailer and link to participate at the end of this entry).

The documentary was part of the participatory evaluation of the Working Groups and was organised together with TECHO, one of EvalParticipativa’s strategic partners. The evaluation methodology was replicated in different countries of the region.

Here, we let you see behind the scenes of this documentary and the evaluative experience; topics that we will touch on in addition to the film in the round table discussion.

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Dear colleagues and friends, it is our great pleasure to begin the second half of this year by announcing this new pursuit and inviting you all to be a part of it.

This call is simple but bold: we want you to share experiences that highlight lessons that you have discovered during your evaluation and social participation practice.

We are interested in listening to the voices on the ground; the wisdom that comes from practice. We want to make those roads travelled, those moments of stumbling and finding your feet again, those discoveries and the joy they brought accessible to everyone reading. We want to value the subjectivity of each member of this community and open up a space to share the anecdotes and stories that have come out of your participatory evaluation experiences.

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Happy Birthday! May Covid 19 not take away the joy of our birth and growth as a community!

Around this date, just one year ago, EvalParticipativa opened its doors for the first time. And ever since, there has been much interest and many participatory evaluation experiences carried out in the region. EvalParticipativa invited us to connect, contribute our knowledge and keep learning together.

If you have time to look through and re-read, you will see that the first blog post on the page invited us to do just that, get involved. And the response, your response, was outstanding!

Whilst it is true that the initiative began with 4 or 5 organisations that were already committed to contributing, the number of people who participate in the forum, follow our publications or interact through social networks has continued to increase.

Today the page is followed by 176 people from 18 countries and it has been visited by 20 million visitors during its first year. Furthermore, the virtual forum has 92 subscribers. And it even became clear that it was not enough to only publish in our mother tongue! EvalParticipativa had to learn English so it could also share knowledge further afield from Latin America.

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By reason or by force. Documentary on Santa Teresa Settlement Participatory Evaluation (Chile)

One of EvalParticipativa’s main aims is to share evaluation experiences that have not been shared before and learn from them. Another aim is to make public stories of lived experiences, struggle and social organisation which often go unnoticed by society even though they exist right under its nose. It is our great pleasure to share this documentary “By reason or by force”, an initiative which fulfils both these objectives.

It relates to an experience promoted by TECHO, an organisation which works in 19 Latin America countries which seeks to overcome the poverty experienced by millions of people living in informal settlements through the collaboration of inhabitants with young volunteers.

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Dear EvalParticipativa friends and colleagues, we are very pleased to announce that EvalParticipativa is growing.  Due to several requests from people and organisations interested in the topic who do not speak Spanish, we are working on creating and updating the English version of this website.

It is possible that there will be moments, such as early this morning, when you will see test publications. Do not worry, they are only small hiccups. The Spanish version will remain the same, and soon you will be able to access its twin version in English.

All growth implies a few setbacks. We will keep in touch as we continue with our efforts to build this community of practice and learning in evaluation and participation.

See you soon! ! !

EvalParticipativa Coordination Team


On Tuesday 2 June from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (CST) we will have the opportunity to present our community of learning to the world and converse with other colleagues on this evaluation method that excites us so much.

If you are interested in participating, sign up to the event through this link

On the actual day, you can access the webinar through this link

If you have any doubts, ask us by clicking on ‘RESPOND’ (below) or by sending an email to

Don’t forget to check your time zone! You can check here. See you there!


Greeting colleagues,

We greet you on behalf of the Evaluation with Participation, team, a joint initiative between Ministry of Planning evaluation units in Costa Rica (MIDEPLAN) and the state of Jalisco in Mexico. As with EvalParticipativa, we have technical and financial support from the FOCELAC project. Yet we feel linked to this project for more than just these reasons: a central hypothesis of our work is that an openness to bringing different interest groups to participate in projects and programs puts to use evaluation methods that better respond to some of the core 2030 Agenda principles.

We are convinced that mutual learning lies not only in what we have in common, but also, perhaps even more so, where we differ. For this reason, we hope you will take advantage of the fantastic opportunity that this forum offers to identify similarities and differences between both initiatives. Thus, in this post we will briefly describe our work and invite you to join us in reflecting on some questions that can guide us. We are already very grateful for your participation.

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Dear Colleagues, we hope that despite the COVID 19 pandemic and the difficulties brought about by the lockdown and social isolation, you are in good health and motivated to continue learning and sharing information on this evaluation topic that excites us so much.

We are pleased to announce that the events calendar for Evaluation Week #EVAL2020 is now available. As already announced in several forums and networks, this year it will be totally online.

You can see the interactive map on this site , where you can see the online activities that will take place between 1 and 5 June. As you can see, they are ordered by country, but it is possible to participate in any of the events from any of the countries. You will note that there are a number of activities closely related to the broad theme of evaluation and social participation.

Best Wishes!


who turn up all wet, to walk against the current, stumbling along the way

Hear, hear colleagues!

Here we share the video/memoire of the Gathering of Participatory Evaluation Experiences in Quito, which we have talked extensively about in this community of practice and learning.

The video recalls our work in Ecuador over five days, covering five modules, in order to remind ourselves of the activities and results achieved. It is hopefully useful for communicating what we were doing there, remember each other’s faces and re-live those intense moments of sharing and learning.

Many thanks to Ana Clara Bustelo, from the PETAS team, who managed to summarise five days of intense work in just five minutes. We would love you to share it with your networks and contacts to encourage others involved in participatory evaluation and motivate them to join our community. In the near future, we will share a document summarising the gathering’s contents and conclusions, as well as the work plans for 2020.

Greetings from the EvalParticipativa team! Let’s stay in touch!


Dear colleagues,

We wish you all a happy new year!

Many of our EvalParticipativa members are also members of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematisation (ReLAC). In some cases directly, in others through their national evaluation networks. ReLAC is also one of EvalParticipativa’s strategic partners. Therefore, given the link between ReLAC and EvalParticipativa, in this post we want to share ReLAC’s Executive Committee Management Report for 2017 -2019 (Spanish).

As communicated by ReLAC, it focuses on issues that concern ReLAC’s positioning, governance and strengthening within the framework of the ReLAC 2.0 project. In order to move forward in these areas, the Executive Committee is currently preparing a face-to-face assembly, to be held in April/May 2020, with the purpose of co-building and planning ReLAC activities until 2030.

Here is the Management Report  2017-2019 .  If you have any questions or comments, please communicate them to the Executive Committee by email:

Bye for now,

EvalParticipativa team.