A while back, we began working with colleagues in the region on the concepts of evaluation, inclusion and democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the new EvalParticipativa project (2023-2024) we plan to revisit these ideas and produce a book on the subject. Our aim is to identify participatory evaluation experiences in Latin America and the Caribbean, analysing dimensions of inclusion and democracy, and emphasising the learning components generated by these experiences.

The book’s target audience is made up of individuals who are responsible for designing and carrying out evaluations, in the hope of increasing their awareness of the possibility and feasibility of conducting evaluations with civil society participation. We seek to bring this awareness both into their consciousness and onto their agendas. The book is intended for Latin American bodies that provide capacity building and training in evaluation, in the hope that it will make available real cases of evaluations carried out with the participation of civil society in the region. Our target readers are teachers and students in diploma courses, master’s degrees or other specialisations focused on evaluation and social planning, in the hope of influencing the training of professionals who will in the future be conducting, commissioning, supervising and assessing participatory evaluations in the region.

how to participate?

In this document we present a general, preliminary overview of the aspects we intend the book to address. We are clear that the focus should be on presenting one or more existing evaluation experiences as the core data for analysis, without excluding the possibility that some general remarks or proposals may be added where appropriate. In other words, a substantial part of each chapter should be devoted to a descriptive and analytical account of one or several evaluation experiences, while a smaller part may be dedicated to more general or propositional reflections that build on the first section.

This brief post is therefore an invitation to friends and colleagues of EvalParticipativa who are interested in contributing a chapter to the book to email their ideas to

We will select the chapters that will be included in the book from the submissions we receive. We thank you in advance for sharing this announcement with colleagues and contacts interested in these topics.

Best wishes,
The EvalParticipativa team

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