Greetings friends and colleagues!

Now that all our first EvalParticipativa gathering participants have returned home and are processing everything they have experienced, we are left with mixed emotions! We are nostalgic after our farewell but at the same time thrilled to have met such courageous people, both professionally and personally, and to have heard all about their experiences.

As the gathering’s organisational team, we want to once again thank everyone who got involved and contributed their best so that this gathering was, as so many of you commented, an unprecedented success and amazing experience. We are happy and tired as it required a lot of organisational energy… But oh so very happy! We hope to continue building this new community of practice and learning together. EvalParticipativa belongs to everyone involved and together we will make it grow even more.

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you the list of participants from the gathering as well as our first EvalParticipativa family photo. Besides each participant you can see which experience he/she presented even though it is worth pointing out that their contributions over the week went far beyond presenting “their” case. Under the photo, you will find a link which you can use to download it in high resolution if you want to print it. We will shortly send a participants mailing list as well as developments regarding note-taking from the experience and its systematisation.

Bye for now from all the organisational team!

In the photo, from left to right, starting at the back, Daniela, Andrés, Ericka, Karla, Olga, Dagni, Tati, Magnus, Itzel, Virginia, Jorge, Abril, Calu, Mathias, Ana and Valeire. At the front, Joaquín, Juan, More, Fernanda, Pablo, David, Anita and Esteban. Missing from the photo: María Eugenia who had to leave early to bid farewell to her father (RIP). Also missing from the photo: Jesu de Techo and Eduardo from Servicio País, who were not able to make it to the gathering.

You can download the group photo in high resolution here.

And you can download all photos from the gathering here. Many thanks to Ana Clara Bustelo for your hard work and for sharing it with us!

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