Launch of the EvalParticipativa Award for Academic Production

Since 2019, the EvalParticipativa community of practice and learning has been working on a path of knowledge and deepening of participatory evaluation experiences carried out in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our virtual platform is witness to the cases and experiences that we have presented, as well as the reflections on meaningful lessons generated in them, and the growing amount of resources (videos, manuals, tools) focused on the field of participatory evaluation that have been added.

In order to strengthen the institutionalisation of participatory evaluation in the region, we have planned to develop different activities during this period 2021 and 2022 in conjunction with multiple actors. A very special activity is the call for the EvalParticipativa Award for Academic Production, which aims to deepen analytical approaches that reflect on this type of evaluation in general or on some of its dimensions, potential, characteristics, etc.

The EvalParticipativa award for academic production is supported and sponsored by the PETAS programme of the National University of San Juan (Argentina), Focelac+ of DEval (Germany), ReLAC, Unicef and Mideplan (Costa Rica). The aim of the award is to deepen the knowledge of participatory evaluation as a proposal for inclusive evaluation linked to the 2030 Agenda, from an approach towards the academia and the scientific production. To this end, we welcome theoretical or empirical articles, submitted by individual authors or in teams that contribute new knowledge to the field of participatory evaluation in the region.

We invite you to read the rules of the EvalParticipativa Award for Academic Production to learn about the awards, assessment criteria and process, and relevant dates.

We also ask you to share this proposal with colleagues and friends with potential and interest in participating.

Thank you very much!

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