Can one experience represent all experiences? Who walks the path? Does PE establish the path or does the evaluator open the way? Over the next few days, we will try to answer these and other questions.

The leading role for this gathering is given to the experiences themselves. Over 5 days, using 15 experiences with evaluator peers, we will be able to zoom in on PE through their eyes despite the fact that they have been carried out in various regions.

Aside from the quantity and diversity of experiences, their value lies in the fact that they were and are transformative in their communities. In such tumultuous times as those today in our region, this is no mean feat. Through the stories, we will be able to observe the tools used, feel the challenges experienced and understand through their experiences that one PE is not the same as all PE.

This first gathering will feature experiences which made contributions to PE through their unique ways of presenting and experiencing it. In this way, we will share features with the community that are unique to this type of evaluation; recurring difficulties; and in doing so, we will learn from and understand others’ experiences.

Soaking ourselves in the practices developed will allow us access to methodological tools needed to bypass any unexpected element we may similarly encounter. It will also give us the ability to replicate original facilitation processes according to characteristics shared in our region.

As well as the face-to-face exchange of experiences which will take place between participants in Quito, you will also be able to follow reflections and analysis from the gathering. We will do everything possible using this channel and our pages on Facebook and Instagram to share with you what is happening each day.

We invite you to join us, we are all participants!

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