They say “each follows their own rulebook” but what would happen if we converted these different viewpoints and approaches into a common shared perspective? At this First Gathering of Participatory Evaluation Experiences for the region of Latin America and the Caribbean  we will attempt to do just that.

But we must insist: By saying that, we are not suggesting that we intend to develop a general definition and by doing so, simplify it. Let’s be honest: No, just the opposite! In line with the horizontal action proposed by PE, we aim to propose a space where everyone can share their distinct perceptions, concepts, ideas and appreciations of PE.

In this way, we will be able to shine a light on those defining features which are repeated in the region. We will almost certainly dare to call some of these PE principles in our quest to be disruptive, but we will also be happy to observe any unique characteristics which make an evaluation truly participatory.

All participants will use their own experiences to discover how their realities take on different lights when viewed through the eyes of PE.

Bye for now!

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