One of the themes which will intersect the First Gathering of Participatory Evaluation Experiences for the region of Latin America and the Caribbean is that of how to conduct PE. Is there only one way? What factors do you have to take into account? What to do when confronted with unexpected situations?

The truth is that there are no magic recipes which can be used to come up with universal solutions for every unexpected moment when conducting PE. Nor will we present an exhaustive guide on how to conduct PE in specific circumstances. Rather, what we aim to do is to collectively construct a basic method which can be altered to suit the characteristics of each situation, context and particular case.

In doing so, through reflective practice, we will observe and analyse each step, the roles of each stakeholder and each stage. We will obviously also emphasise the potential difficulties and limitations. As they say: a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

Quito, we are on our way!

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