In as dynamic a reality as the one we are living in, it is imperative that the evaluator adapts to different rhythms. To achieve this, the evaluators must promote tools to facilitate PE processes. But, how do you do this?

During this First Gathering of Participatory Evaluation Experiences in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean, we will constantly ask ourselves about our role as evaluators when facing changeable and unique realities such as those which affect our region. We will mainly focus on how we should act when confronted with these “forks in the road” which appear overnight. In other words, we will focus on seeing ourselves not just as evaluators but also as facilitators in PE processes.

In these exchanges, we will learn to go a little faster than time itself so that in addition to getting a head start on future unpredictability, we can also know how to give a leading role to the multiple stakeholders involved in this evaluative process.

This task is the opposite of simple. For this reason, we will dedicate a whole day to working on this new element involved in being an evaluator and we will examine each of the participant’s experiences.  By doing so, we will create collective tools so that we are prepared, and can prepare for, these continual learning processes which will then be converted into transformative and facilitative knowledge for PE.

How exciting that we are about to meet!

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